Change Log

Enhancement: New Message Properties

February 5, 2018

Additional activity and application fields—as well as corresponding object documentation—have been added to the Message object in support of our newly-released Spotify integration and previous Rich Presence enhancements.

Enhancement: Get Guild Emoji Endpoint

January 30, 2018

The Get Guild Emoji response now also includes a user object if the emoji was added by a user.

Deprecation: Accept Invite Endpoint

January 23, 2018

The Accept Invite endpoint is deprecated starting today, and will be discontinued on March 23, 2018. The Add Guild Member endpoint should be used in its place.

Semi-Breaking Change: Very Large Bot Sharding

January 3, 2018

Additional sharding requirements and information for bots in over 100,000 guilds has been added. This requires a small change in numbers of shards for affected bots. See the documentation for more information.

New Feature: Rich Presence

November 9, 2017

Rich Presence is now live and available for all developers! Rich Presence allows developers to closely integrate with Discord in a number of new, cool ways like:
  • Showing more information about a user's current game in their profile
  • Allowing users to post invitations to join their party or spectate their game in chat
  • Displaying "Spectate" and "Ask to Join" buttons on users' profiles
For more information, check out our Rich Presence site. To get started on development, read the docs!

Breaking Change: API & Gateway Below v6 Discontinued

October 16, 2017

API and Gateway versions below v6 are now discontinued after being previously deprecated. Version 6 is now the default API and Gateway version. Attempting to use a version below 6 will result in an error.

New Feature: Channel Categories

September 20, 2017

Changes have been made throughout the documentation to reflect the addition of channel categories to Discord. These includes an additional field—parent_id—to the base channel object and a new channel category example.

New Feature: Emoji Endpoints

September 10, 2017

Emoji endpoints have been added to the API. Bots can now manage guild emojis to their robo-hearts' content!

Breaking Change: Presence Activity Objects

August 16, 2017

The type field in the activity object for Gateway Status Update and Presence Update payloads is no longer optional when the activity object is not null.

Breaking Change: Default Channels

August 3, 2017

After today, we are changing how default channels function. The "default" channel for a given user is now the channel with the highest position that their permissions allow them to see. New guilds will no longer have a default channel with the same id as the guild. Existing guilds will not have their #general channel id changed. It is possible, if permissions are set in such a way, that a user will not have a default channel in a guild.We saw a use case in many servers where the previously-default #general channel was being repurposed as an announcement-only, non-writable channel for new members by using bots to clear the entire message history. Now, that channel can simply be deleted and re-created with the desired permissions. This change also allows dynamic default channels for users based on permissions.We are also rolling out a change in conjunction that will allow Discord to remember your last-visited channel in a guild across sessions. Newly-joined users will be directed to the guild's default channel on first join; existing members will return to whichever channel they last visited.

New Feature: Audit Logs

July 24, 2017

Audit logs are here! Well, they've been here all along, but now we've got documentation about them. Check it out, but remember: with great power comes great responsibility.

Breaking Change: Version 6

July 19, 2017

  • Channel Object
    • is_private removed
    • type is now an integer
    • recipient is now recipients, an array of user objects
  • Message Object
    • type added to support system messages
  • Status Update Object
    • idle_since renamed to since