Invite Resource

Invite Object

Represents a code that when used, adds a user to a guild.
Invite Structure
codestringthe invite code (unique ID)
guildpartial guild objectthe guild this invite is for
channelpartial channel objectthe channel this invite is for
Example Invite Object
    "code": "0vCdhLbwjZZTWZLD",
    "guild": {
        "id": "165176875973476352",
        "name": "CS:GO Fraggers Only",
        "splash": null,
        "icon": null
    "channel": {
        "id": "165176875973476352",
        "name": "illuminati",
        "type": 0

Invite Metadata Object

Invite Metadata Structure
invitera user objectuser who created the invite
usesintegernumber of times this invite has been used
max_usesintegermax number of times this invite can be used
max_ageintegerduration (in seconds) after which the invite expires
temporaryboolwhether this invite only grants temporary membership
created_atISO8601 timestampwhen this invite was created
revokedboolwhether this invite is revoked
Example Invite Metadata
    "inviter": {},
    "uses": 0,
    "max_uses": 0,
    "max_age": 0,
    "temporary": false,
    "created_at": "2016-03-31T19:15:39.954000+00:00",
    "revoked": false

Get Invite

Returns an invite object for the given code.

Delete Invite

Delete an invite. Requires the MANAGE_CHANNELS permission. Returns an invite object on success.

Accept Invite

Accept an invite. This requires the guilds.join OAuth2 scope to be able to accept invites on behalf of normal users (via an OAuth2 Bearer token). Bot users are disallowed. Returns an invite object on success.