Voice Resource

Voice State Object

Used to represent a user's voice connection status.
Voice State Structure
guild_id?snowflakethe guild id this voice state is for
channel_id?snowflakethe channel id this user is connected to
user_idsnowflakethe user id this voice state is for
session_idstringthe session id for this voice state
deafboolwhether this user is deafened by the server
muteboolwhether this user is muted by the server
self_deafboolwhether this user is locally deafened
self_muteboolwhether this user is locally muted
suppressboolwhether this user is muted by the current user
Example Voice State
    "channel_id": "157733188964188161",
    "user_id": "80351110224678912",
    "session_id": "90326bd25d71d39b9ef95b299e3872ff",
    "deaf": false,
    "mute": false,
    "self_deaf": false,
    "self_mute": true,
    "suppress": false

Voice Region Object

Voice Region Structure
idstringunique ID for the region
namestringname of the region
vipbooltrue if this is a vip-only server
optimalbooltrue for a single server that is closest to the current user's client
deprecatedboolwhether this is a deprecated voice region (avoid switching to these)
customboolwhether this is a custom voice region (used for events/etc)

List Voice Regions

Returns an array of voice region objects that can be used when creating servers.