Power your game's social features with Discord

Millions of gamers have come to love Discord's high quality, low latency voice and text chat. Now you can add it directly to your game along with powerful community engagement features. Also, it's totally free.

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Okay. How's it work?

Integrate the SDK

1Integrate the SDK

Add a small DLL to your project to get started.

Build Custom UI

2Build Custom UI

Integrate a beautiful & rich social experience into your game.

Submit for Approval

3Submit for Approval

Let us know you're ready to launch and have met our simple brand guidelines.

Here's a few fancy ways to use GameBridge

Automatch players in voice channels

Dynamically create a voice and/or text channel for players on each team so they can strategize their takedowns.

This style of integration is perfect for sessions that are temporary like in a MOBA, FPS, or MMO Dungeon Instance.

Let players share fancy moments

Post moments like game replays, achievements, or sweet loot drops as messages directly into a Discord text channel of a user's choice.

This is great if your game client generates screenshots or GIFs, which can be attached to a message. You could also link to a website to embed session content.

Extend guild chat outside your game

Create permanent Discord servers for your game's guilds or worlds. You can even add a custom bot that makes the server feel like an extension of your game.

This allows players to continue participating with your game world even when they're not actively playing.

Build your pre-launch community

While you're building your game it's invaluable to have a group of players you can rapidly share builds with, talk to about their experiences, and activate for playtests.

Using Discord GameBridge, you can easily integrate this community experience into your game to recruit players to your mission.

All of Discord in one fancy SDK

Share content and links into text channels with rich embeds
Create and destroy temporary groups or permanent servers
Add and remove users from channels your game creates
Control local audio settings such as mute, deafen, and volume
Know who's in a voice channel and when people talk
Implement positional audio with panning and volume per user
Send and read rich (or plain) chat messages with emoji
And much more coming soon

Sounds cool? Get Started!

Check out docs

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