Want to rep Discord? Join the HypeSquad and let Discord support your gaming community.

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What is the HypeSquad all about?

You're excited about Discord. We're excited that you're excited about Discord.
Let's get other people excited about Discord, together.

Become Hype

Fill out an application so we can tell how hype you are.

Receive The Goods

Depending on your hype level, receive some goodies and swag.

Spread The Word

Share your hype and goodies with the WORLD.

Ok ok gimme the details

Check out all the bologna you'll get if you are approved:

Profile Badge

Get an exclusive HypeSquad badge for your profile and make all your friends jelly.

Secret Server

Event-related members gain access to the super secret HypeSquad Events Server.

HypeSquad Shirt

Helping us at an event? You'll receive a HypeSquad t-shirt for your torso parts.

Event Swag

Running events of your own? We'll supply you with a big ol' box of goodies.

Ready to rep Discord?
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You must be 16 years or older to apply.